A Foundation is a legal entity established in terms of the Foundation Act as promulgated by the Republic of Mauritius in 2012. A Foundation is mostly used for wealth management, estate planning and asset holding and can be used for either charitable or noncharitable purposes.

A Foundation can hold a range of assets such as unquoted shares, listed shares, cash and property and has many similarities to a Trust whilst operating like a company with no shareholder or members.

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More information about Foundations

A Mauritius Foundation can elect to be a non-resident for tax purposes, in order to be exempted from all Mauritius income tax, with the additional benefit that all distributions to non-resident beneficiaries of the Foundation would also be exempt from Mauritius income tax.

In order to establish a Foundation, a Council must be elected to administer the property of the Foundation and carry out the objectives thereof. At least one member of the Council must be a resident of Mauritius.

The Foundation must also appoint a FSC approved management company as the Company Secretary, with a registered office in Mauritius.

A Foundation is mostly used for wealth management, estate planning, asset holdings. A Foundation established under the Laws of the Republic of Mauritius is governed by the Foundation Act 2012(the “Act”) and can be used for either Charitable or non-Charitable purpose or both.

A Foundation established under the law of another jurisdiction can make an application to redomicile in Mauritius as a Foundation established and registered under the Act.