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Expat & Residency Services

Dale Trust can assist you in applying for an occupation permit or residence permit in Mauritius.


The Occupation Permit (OP) is a combined work and residence permit, which allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius subject to certain criteria being met.

A non-citizen should apply for an occupation permit under the category which best reflects his nature of activities in the country. The following persons may be eligible to apply for an occupation permit or a residence permit subject to satisfying all the terms and conditions imposed by the regulatory bodies:

  1. Investor (Occupation Permit)
  2. Professional (Occupation Permit)
  3. Self-Employed (Occupation Permit)
  4. Retired Non-Citizen (Residence Permit)

An investor means a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius, an association or body of persons, whether corporate or incorporate, the control or management of which is vested in persons who are not citizens of Mauritius and registered as such with the Economic Development Board. An investor, in the case of a company as per the Immigration Act, should be both a director and shareholder. The investor is required to make an initial transfer of USD 50,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible currency from abroad in the bank account of the company in Mauritius under which the application will be made. The investor permit will be issued for a period of 10 years, thereafter renewable. For renewal of an OP in the Investor category, the company should generate a minimum gross income of 4 million rupees per year as from the third year of registration.

A professional should earn a monthly basic salary of at least MUR 60,000. Professionals in the ICT Sector should receive a minimum monthly base wage of MUR 30,000. Depending on the length of the job contract, the Professional Permit may be awarded for up to ten years and is renewed under certain circumstances.
The minimum investment required to be eligible for a Self-Employed Occupation Permit is USD 35,000 or its equivalent. The self-employed occupation licences are given out for up to ten years and are renewed under certain circumstances. If your annual business income is MUR 800,000 as of the third year of registration, you may apply for renewal.

A retired non-citizen over the age of 50 can apply for a residence permit and live in Mauritius for ten years. A retired non-citizen should make an initial transfer of at least USD 1,500 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency at the time of issuance of the residence permit from abroad to his/her local bank account in Mauritius. Thereafter, the retired non-citizen should transfer at least USD 1,500 monthly or the aggregate of at least USD 18,000 per year or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency during the 10 years’ validity of the residence permit. At the end of each year, the Retired Non-Citizen should submit to the Economic Development Board the evidence of transfer of funds into his/her local bank account.


The Dependents of Occupation Permit holders and/or Retired non-citizens are eligible to apply for a residence permit. Dependents are defined as spouse (including Common Law Partner of the opposite sex), parents, and dependent children including stepchildren or lawfully adopted children who are unmarried and do not engage in any gainful activity.
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