At Dale International Trust Company Limited we deliver international offshore management services to corporates and individuals. Our team of seasoned professionals carries worldwide experience and credentials which are essential elements to service clients.


At Dale International, we understand the international financial services sector and provide a comprehensive range of offshore management services including:

  • Professional trusteeship
  • Company formation and administration


Mauritius is an international business centre strategically located in the Indian ocean approximately 1,200 kilometres east of Madagascar, Mauritius is conveniently located midway between Europe and the Far East. Volcanic in origin and covering 1,865 square kilometres, the Dutch were first to settle on the island in 1598, followed by the French in 1715. Mauritius changed hands once again in 1810 as it became a British colony, but the multi racial 1.2 million local inhabitants gained their independence 158 years later. Although English is the official language, French is widely spoken, and the island’s history has resulted in a hybrid legal system combining both civil and common law practices.

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