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At Dale International Trust Company Limited, we provide a comprehensive range of corporate administration and advisory services that will allow you to meet your statutory requirements whilst you remain focused on your core activity.

We pride ourselves on providing professional and personalised services. Our corporate services include:

  • Company incorporation in Mauritius,
  • On-going corporate administration including book-keeping and maintaining of statutory records;
  • Assistance in preparing and filing tax returns;
  • Opening and maintaining bank accounts;
  • Company secretarial services
  • Trust and Foundation set up and administration,
  • Provision of nominee shareholders, registered office address, company secretary, resident directors, corporate director and registered agent
  • Act as Corporate Trustee
  • Statutory corporate secretarial work
  • Expatriate services (including work, residence and occupation permits)

In line with the evolving global financial services industry, it is mandatory to have a reliable and accurate financial accounting services for any size of business. We are equipped with the appropriate infrastructure, technology and accounting specialists to handle the accounting needs of your entities. We cater for:

  • Back office accounting and administration;
  • book-keeping and maintaining of statutory records as required by the Companies Act 2001
  • liaising with the auditors during the audit process
  • Preparation of management and statutory accounts as per IAS/IFRS

We provide resident Directors for the companies that we administer and manage and also act as Company Secretary, thereby ensuring that Company is fully compliant with the laws of Mauritius. We deliver a service that is tailored to the specific needs of each of our client, in addition to providing high-quality independent advice that meets the rules of good governance. The services include

  • Maintaining the statutory records
  • Preparing and supporting board meetings
  • Filing of annual / audited accounts
  • Corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Review any significant contract to be entered into by the company
  • Review and approve of the company’s financial statements
  • Review proposed changes to statutory documentation, including the company’s memorandum and articles of association, prior to the company adopting such changes

We are licensed to act as corporate trustee or qualified trustee under the Trust Act 2001 and we have been providing offshore trust services  for over five years. We are a professionally managed company, where we act as Trustees, and we always act in the best interests of the beneficiaries. We ensure that our independence rom investment, legal or accounting prevails, and should be an absolute requirement by persons seeking to set up a trust.

We deliver the following trusteeship services to our clients:

  • Establishment and administration of trusts
  • Provision of corporate trusteeship
  • Incorporation and administration of underlying companies
  • Assistance in filing of tax returns